Another effective strategy for creating safe and supportive schools involves making LGBTQ-related resources (such as information and support services), and LGBTQ-inclusive curricula available for all students.

Access to resources can be provided in libraries; through internet resources; through safe zone trainings that identify supportive school personnel; during in-school assemblies and announcements that highlight resources and support; in textbooks and lectures; and through visible images of LGBTQ topics and people in posters on walls in classrooms and hallways.

LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum integrates topics related to sexual orientation and gender identity within a standard school curriculum (e.g., health education, literature, science, or mathematics). Multiple studies have shown the importance of access to LGBTQ-related resources, as well as inclusive curricula, for student safety and belonging.

Middle school librarian Ashley Cross shares how she works to make the library a safe and inclusive place for LGBTQ youth.